The field of orthodontics is developing at a breakneck speed. Dentists used to rely on wires and brackets to fix misaligned teeth, but new technologies like 3D imaging and AcceleDent are changing how we treat patients.
If you are a part of this ever-changing field, you need to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in orthodontics. At Gnathos, we offer a variety of continuing education courses designed with dental professionals in mind. Sign up today to advance your training and provide your patients with more effective procedures!

Who Can Benefit?

A quarter of dentists are worried about the flow of patients. If you want to attract new patients to your practice (or maintain old client relationships), you need to keep learning and advancing your technique.
These courses are not for beginners. We designed the syllabi specifically for dental professionals seeking orthodontic continuing education. While undergraduate students (or even those outside of the dentistry field) are very much welcome, classes will be most beneficial for the following:

  • Dental Hygienists: Misaligned teeth can lead to pockets of decay. And since the bulk of a dental hygienist’s work tends to be in cleaning tartar and plaque, our courses can teach you how these problems overlap and how best to solve them.
  • Dental Assistants: Whether you want to expand your knowledge as a dental assistant or become a dentist, Gnathos’ orthodontics course can help you advance your dental career.
  • New Dentists: As you move forward in your dental career, keeping on top of any advancements should be as important to you as flossing. Our courses help you provide the best and latest care!

What Kind Of Courses Do You Offer?

Gnathos offers a range of courses from the Beginner’s Intro to Orthodontics to more advanced classes such as Bracket Mechanics and Wire Integration. We cover the entirety of advanced orthodontics – pick and choose which ones will best suit your needs.

Why Gnathos?

Unlike other continuing education courses, Gnathos takes a holistic approach to dental education. We don’t just offer traditional courses on alignment or how to get proper torque on incisor brackets – Gnathos also has courses on bedside manner, how to deal with lawsuits, and establishing consent.
We believe that part of being an excellent dentist is putting your patients at ease and establishing trust. We want to train you not just as a dentist, but also as a person!
All in all, you get plenty of experience and dental excellence, distilled into easy-to-digest learning courses.

Meet The Mastermind

Dr. Gerald S. Samson, DDS, ABO, FACD is the brains behind Gnathos. He has been described as an educational entertainer, but he is also a decorated, in-demand dental practitioner.
Dr. Gerry’s review page is littered with praise for his approach. Instead of standard lectures or presentations, he strives to make the topics interesting. He uses visual aids, creative metaphors, jokes, and practical demonstrations. His wit and wackiness make his videos memorable and much more enjoyable for his students.


Any good professional needs to stay on top of their field, especially because technology is moving so fast. Continuing education in orthodontics can help you keep up with the latest techniques and provide better care for your patients.
If you are looking to learn (g)new things you should sign up with us right (g)now – contact us for more information!