Working with limited knowledge of orthodontics can put patients at risk. This is why general practitioners take orthodontic CE courses to expand and improve their practice after graduating. 

In other words: the learning never stops.

Our educational programs will help you perform safe, high-quality, and well-informed orthodontic procedures for every patient. If you’re interested in delving deeper into orthodontics with guidance from a respected expert, Gnathos CE has everything you need to level-up your practice. With a complete library of fun educational videos and interactive events, Dr. Samson is ready to help you with the best orthodontic CE courses available online!

What Are Orthodontic CE Courses?

Orthodontic CE courses are taken by students and general practitioners who want to offer patients a wide range of specialized orthodontics. With proper certification and training, you can increase your orthodontic expertise and improve your dental practice. 

Below are just some of the groups of people that can benefit from an orthodontic CE course:

  • Students – Introductory courses are ideal for students that need a few hours of CE courses.
  • Dental Hygienists – Learning how to diagnose and treat tooth decay should be a hygienist’s specialty, so orthodontics should be a part of their curriculum.
  • Dental Assistants – To assist doctors well, dental assistants must have a good grasp of orthodontic procedures.
  • New Dentists – Fresh graduates of dental programs may lack the confidence to offer orthodontic treatments. CE courses can help new dentists build up enough experience to start treating patients.

What Types Of Orthodontic CE Courses Are Available?

Taking an orthodontic course requires a deep understanding of anatomy and surgical procedures, but it doesn’t end there! You need a learning experience that lets you apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios. 

You can enroll in a wide range of orthodontic continuing education courses, including:

Introductory Orthodontics

Ideal for pre-doctorates and undergrads, this course helps you learn about pre-clinical and general orthodontic procedures. This includes diagnosing and treating tooth decay, as well as improving tooth alignment.

Orthodontic Surgery

Orthodontic surgery teaches you how to help patients with maxillofacial solutions. As a part of this course, you’ll learn the step-by-step process of performing corrective surgical procedures.

Orthodontic Techniques

Doctoral-level students will discover more about dentofacial orthopedic therapy and the application of oral appliances and tooth bonding. This course often combines practical learning in a lab environment with live lectures on general orthodontics. 

Advanced Orthodontics

By the end of a dental program, students are expected to create comprehensive reports on assigned orthopedic patients. Taking this course prepares you for properly diagnosing and treating a wide range of dental problems.

Clinical Orthodontics

Dental programs give you the chance to put your skills to use on real patients. These clinical rotations allow students to observe and participate in different orthopedic procedures while under the direct supervision of professional orthodontists.

Get All Of The Orthodontic CE Courses You Need At Gnathos

From basic to advanced orthodontic CE courses, Gnathos is the #1 resource for aspiring dentists. With educational programs led by the beloved Dr. Gerry Samson, you’re guaranteed access to one of the best dentistry resources on the web.

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